MRO Adjustable Water Bag, 33LBS/15KG Aqua Ball, Workout Sandbag Aqua Bag for Core
  • TRAIN YOUR CORE&BALANCE VIA INSTABILITY: Different from other sandbags, the water in MRO aqua bag keeps moving when you are exercising, from one side to another side. So the water bag's weight is not always uniformly distributed, different parts weight differently and keep requiring different strength control from body. This function will activates all your muscles to the maximum working together to control the body balance and tone your core. Even 20 pounds of water can exhaust trained athletes.

  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT FOR PERSONAL TRAINING: MRO aqua power bag have a more flexible weight. It is 33lbs/15kg when it is filled up with water. You can change the water bag's weight easily by adding more water or reduce water. There are some clear scale marks on the surface of the water bag to give you some guide. We believe that the flexible weight change will bring you a more personal training experience and help you improve your exercise levels gradually.

  • STYLISH DESIGN WITH 3 COLORS: Each MRO Weight Training Bag has 3 bottles of colors in the package: BLUE/GREEN/ORANGE. Please push the pin down before adding the colors into water. With 3 colors, you can change the color of water whenever you want. Besides, it is easy for you to control the color depth of the water, from light to dark by adding more drops of colors or reduce the drops. The vibrant color design will definitely bring you more enjoyment when you are exercising.

  • PORTABLE TRAINING BAG FOR HOME/GYM/OUTDOOR: MRO Water Sandbag is very lightweight, only 1.15lbs/0.52kg when it's empty. It is easy to be folded up and be stored in your travel bag, perfect for you to workout at home, gym or outdoors. It only takes minutes to set it up with the smart pin valve. Push the pin down before you add water and color, then push the pin up before pumping in the air, when the mro aqua bag is firm, put the valve cap back on, then you are ready to go!

  • EXTRA PUMP, COLORS&KINESIOLOGY TAPE: MRO Aqua Bag is your safe choice, including all the things you need: 1 workout water bag, 1 pump to pum up air, 3 colors to change the water color and 1 extra bonus: kinesiology tape for muscles/joints. Perfect for core & balance training, full body workout, cross fit, strength/weight training, home workouts, etc. If you have any problems, please be free to contact us by email, we will reply in 24 hours and give you a best solution.